Here’s some door terminology:

  • Door system – a door slab & frame assembly, with slab pre-hung in the frame
  • Frame – an assembly of structural parts used to fasten a door to a structure
  • Keyway – the slot in a lock in which the key is inserted
  • Lite – a framed piece of glass within a door slab, sidelight or transom
  • Rail – the horizontal pieces of a door slab
  • Sidelight – fixed, usually rectangular, decorative glass on either or both sides of a door system
  • Slab – the operating part of a door system
  • Stile – the vertical pieces of a door slab
  • Sweep – flexible seal material attached to the bottom of a door slab
  • Threshold – bottom component of a door system
  • Transom – decorative glass above a door system


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