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Shutters, Screen Doors & Exterior Accents

There are many options that homeowners and designers have when it comes to the exterior of your home.

We offer a wide selection of products, including shutters, screen doors and exterior accents from some of the best companies, including Southern Shutter, Ekena, and Fypon.

Skylights, Block Windows & Egress Systems

Whether you are looking for extra light with skylights, or a special aesthetic with block windows, or even some diffused light along with safety features with an egress system, BWS has all that you are looking for.

We carry some of the best manufacturers, including Velux, Hylite, Rockwell, and Wellcraft.

Columns & Railings

Let BWS help you in choosing the perfect columns and railings for your home.

Manufacturers that we carry include:
Dixie Pacific
RDI Railing

Flashing & Sill Pans

We carry Polywall Window flashing tape and fluid applied flashings.

We also carry Astro Plastics sill pans.


We have a large selection of beautiful hardware and extensive product lines that cover all home architectural and interior design styles.

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